PenguinData’s Equipment Tracking System helps you keep accurate inventories for the tools, parts and equipment in your warehouse. With our equipment tracking module, lost inventory and equipment back-charges are things of the past, providing superior accountability for every job. Our SAAS warehouse management solution allows you to:
  • Effortlessly track every part or piece of equipment, including CPE, cable, fittings and more, right down to the tech or job.
  • Transfer equipment between techs and reconcile your inventory in minutes.
  • Maintain superior accountability on every job.
  • Receive alerts to inform you of aging, inventory levels and quantities in stock.
  • Technicians fill out parts orders electronically, or pre-set thresholds for auto-ordering truck stock.
  • Complete parts usage and cost recorded to each job.
  • Create your own bar code system within PenguinData for any or all assets.
  • Reporting function boosts accuracy
    • Historical reports
    • Reconciliation reports
    • Issue & Return reports
    • Unlimited reporting capabilities
  • Mobile Interface

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