Our Mobile Module at PenguinData Workforce Management allows all key functions to be performed in the field across our integrated platform of available modules allowing an organization the ability to go as paperless as they want to. Key features inside the Mobile module are:
  • Audit Entry
  • Tap Project Entry
  • CPE List
  • Escalations/Damages
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Safety Inspection
  • QC/QA Entry
  • Sales Routes
  • Work Order Entry
  • Employee Portal
The Mobile module also allows your personnel the ability to clock in and clock out in the field, thus insuring that your organization can actively track all overtime exposure in real time. This ability to have a 100% real time view of all aspects in the field as they happen, while being paperless, is truly one of the great advantages your company will experience once your personnel is on PenguinData Workforce Management.

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Mobile Interface

Mobile Work Order Entry Screen

Mobile Work Order Entry Screen 2

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