PenguinData’s Emperor Suite of Modules provides a full-featured workforce management system, giving you the ability to automate and standardize your valuable business data, close the gaps in your operations and work more efficiently.

Our workforce management solution replaces your spreadsheets with real-time database modules that track all aspects of your business. Because it's web-based, PenguinData is accessible from anywhere you can connect online, putting your valuable data at your fingertips – right where you need it to protect your business and power your productivity.

PenguinData saves you time and money by enabling you to:
Eliminate needless data entry. With PenguinData, you enter data once and all modules are automatically updated, greatly reducing administrative hours and improving data accuracy.
Stay on top of your business. PenguinData's modules effortlessly track everything from your fleet and equipment to work orders, invoices and payroll information. Meanwhile, alerts built into PenguinData put action items front and center.
Seamlessly manage multiple locations. Tap into data from all offices at once to centrally manage your business more efficiently.
Crunch the data with on-demand reports. Do you have the manpower you need? What equipment is in use? What invoices have been completed? PenguinData's robust reporting capabilities help you see what's happening in your business, in real-time, so you can act swiftly.