Any large-scale construction project or MDU installation project can quickly become derailed by failing to manage labor and material costs. PenguinData’s MDU/Construction module is a web-based construction project management solution, featuring tools to assign projects, track equipment, materials and site surveys and much more. This module ensures you are able to:
  • Assign projects to crews and track all equipment/materials on a large-scale project.
  • Track all site surveys and underground locating tickets. Get alerts when locates are about to expire; our Google Map integration takes it a step further to make applying for locates even easier.
  • Upload project data when provided electronically, saving you the time of manually entering it.
  • Keep a lid on costs by setting up approval codes and tracking all costs by code.
  • Automate your entire invoicing and payroll processing. You can automatically invoice as soon as projects are closed. Meanwhile, you can process payroll for both employees and sub-contractors.
  • Ensure projects remain on track with regular reporting on completion percentages, quality and more.

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