When you partner with PenguinData, you get the complete package.

At PenguinData Workforce Management, Inc., Customer Care is not just an afterthought, it is our top priority. Our support staff is not only knowledgeable in all the workings of the PenguinData platform, but we have the industry specific knowledge to aid in the adaptation of our great system into your operations.

We at PenguinData Workforce Management, Inc. use a state of the art support tracking system that allows us to track every issue from beginning to end and provide you with updates along the way to keep you informed of your specific issue and it's resolution. This allows us to provide a first call/first contact resolution rate of 98%.

We provide our clients with 2 ways to receive support from our support staff. The first method is via an internal support request feature built right into the PenguinData Workforce Management platform. All you have to do is fill in a simple form regarding your issue and it is emailed directly to our support staff so that it can be worked on immediately. The second method is through phone support. We offer over phone support to all current clients whether you have been on PenguinData for 1 day or 1,001 days.

Here in the Customer Care Division of PenguinData Workforce Management, Inc. we use the 2 tiered support model, that many others who provide support do not use, so you are ensured that your request is handled at the correct level without additional steps. Here is a brief description of our 2 Tier methodology:

Tier 1 - When you file a service ticket with Customer Care, Customer Care representatives review your issue and provide Tier 1 support. This may include a step by step walk through of processes, directions to correct reports and other steps, depending on the description of the issue. When the issue is resolved, Customer Care notifies you of the resolution. Tier 1 issues are addressed with the goal of resolution in 48 hours or less.

Tier 2 - If Customer Care determines additional research or analysis is required, Customer Care moves the service ticket for the issue to Tier 2 and notifies you via e-mail. Under Tier 2 support, deeper research and testing are performed. If necessary, the ticket is escalated to engineering, implementation, and other subject matter experts for specific input on resolving the issue. Upon resolution, Customer Care notifies you of the resolution. Tier 2 issues are resolved based on the severity of the issue as determined by Customer Care.