PenguinData works, but don't just take our word for it. See what those who are using PenguinData are saying.

As with any Successful business venture one must have sufficient technology solutions to properly coordinate, track and analyze to efficiently manage. Along with this technology it is essential to have good support surrounding the technology. The folks at Penguin Data increase its value exponentially, not only is it a robust system that has more functionality than we often utilize but the people at penguin are a pleasure to work with. They have always offered great support for their product and have been willing to meet our needs as we continue to grow. I would recommend Penguin to anyone looking for a workforce, asset, fleet management system.
~ Jerry Taylor, ITG Communications LLC

"I have been in the Cable industry for over 17 years as a Contractor, I have seen this industry grow substantially over the years. As a contractor there where many challenges keeping track of productivity, Quality control, warehouse stocks, Asset tracking, real time tech visibility, ETC. Essentially either you had piles of paperwork or multiple spreadsheets and several employees to do the data entry just to keep up! I was introduced to PenguinData over 6 years ago, when it was first piloted to me I thought to myself, WOW someone actually created a program specific to a cable contractor? Ever since then I have never looked back. PenguinData has helped us in reducing our overhead costs and virtually going paperless. I like to call it one stop shopping! PD has allowed us to take the word accountability to a whole other level within our workforce with "Real Time" reporting. I have to say I probably login to PD almost every day, and I am not sure what I would do without it. The staff at PenguinData is hands down A class they are always there to support your needs! Through the years that I have used PD I can say that not one time have I ever experienced any down time on the system. If you are able to use every aspect of PD in your business you cannot go wrong. I can go on all day about the program and its benefits to our company. I want to give a special thanks to the PD staff for our continued partnership and support."
~ Paul Vigil, Integrated Communication Services Inc.

"Penguin Data is more than just a workforce management software that allows you to track every aspect of your business. It’s a true partnership!

We signed up to utilize the software and all of its modules in 2009 and since then we have worked side by side with Penguin Data and its team. The software and it’s many features and reports adds significant profits to our bottom line by allowing us to keep overhead down and support staff lean, while simultaneously offering better support and clarity to our team. Our employees and contractors enjoy and cherish the real time data that the portal provides. This clarity allows everyone in our team to be on the same page without sending out emails, making phone calls, etc…we just simply use the software as part of our day to day business.

Not only does the software allow members of our team clarity and help communication, but it also provides our management teams with extensive reporting. This reporting allows management to monitor all aspects of the business day to day with real time information and we are able to drive profitability same day. Unlike the old days where you had to wait for monthly financials to make decisions we are able to make decisions same day and ensure every day is profitable leading to great year end returns.

All of the benefits that the software offers and all of the different modules that allows us to control every aspect of the business is just a small part of why we remain a Penguin Data client. One of the key benefits is the partnership that we have developed over the years with the personnel employed at Penguin Data. The personnel at Penguin Data provides myself and my team with outstanding support and leadership. We utilize Penguin Data’s for our payroll and accounting needs as well. Their expertise in the business continuously helps our company comply with all labor laws and ensures we utilize correct accounting practices. This allows us to have a superior level of financials and payroll services without even having to employee corporate staff to maintain and service it.

It goes without saying that Penguin Data is a great product and the team that supports Penguin Data makes it even better! We’ve heard the stories about companies that find it hard to believe that Penguin Data can save them money. For me it’s simple, the cost of Penguin Data is less than one 50k salary and it manages the dispatch, warehouse, assets, tools, QC’s, MDU, construction projects, audits, human resources, payroll, invoicing and accounting. Tell me one salaried employee that can do all of that…"
~ Douglas C. Boteler, D&J Cable Contractors, Inc.

PremierCC integrated PenguinData into our operations starting in September, 2012. Prior to that, all of our record keeping, asset and fleet tracking, billing reconciliation and warehouse management was being handled with excel spreadsheets.

After launching PenguinData, we had a single source of information for our technicians, trucks, warehouse, payroll, and dispatch. Since we are a nationwide service provider, with many different clients and billing systems, the Virtual Whiteboard proved to be very valuable in that it standardizes the workforce interface for these disparate systems into one screen so that our Centralized Dispatch and Leadership can quickly see real time the status of the workforce in any of our markets.

The ability to have the technicians upload pictures of their completed work into each workorder has allowed us to respond quickly to any inquiries from our MSO clients.

The value to our Technicians is that PenguinData is their validation of their completed work and equipment status.

Simplifying the billing reconciliation process has been very advantageous for us, reducing the time significantly, and allowing us to capture missing work and other mistakes that we might have missed without the PenguinData reconciliation functionality. This has saved us significant time and money.

The PenguinData Team has been first rate from day one, being with us on site for each of our market launches, ensuring that everything went smoothly, and providing the necessary training to our staff. Support after launches has been effective and immediate.

It is hard to imagine not having the PenguinData Workforce Management System in place at PremierCC as it has become an essential part of our everyday working lives.
~ PremierCC

"Penguin Data has made our Warehouses the most efficient I've seen in my 11 years in the industry. In less than a minute I can track any piece of equipment that has ever been in our warehouses or assigned to techs.

As an employee based company with fleet trucks and company owned tools I don't know how we would make it without Penguins tracking of serialized equipment, fleet tracking down to the mile, tool inventory and sign off sheets which all take seconds to apply with the extremely user friendly design.

Working with Time Warner in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus, and The Rio Grande Valley it's imperative that we track all tech production daily. The real time reports generated from the Workforce tab makes tracking points and payroll vs. production take seconds. This was once something that only made sense to attempt to do weekly at best. Now at any moment I can track production in any system in real time.

The people at Penguin have made more changes to the program than I can count. The staff is always working to personalize our needs as they develop. If we wanted to change our payroll structure I know we can count on the staff at Penguin to exceed our expectations with updates and personalized changes being made as needed.

6 months ago I wouldn't imagine that our techs could hard close a job and generate their payroll without making a phone call to dispatch. With Penguin Mobile it's all that and more. We have techs that haven't called dispatch in over a month. Mobile QC allows leads and qc techs to easily generate detailed qc routes and use smart phones to upload pics of qc's directly to the web site and score the job in real time from the field. This is an awesome tool given the incentives and decentives in Time Warner's RFP.

We are currently running over 220 employees in Penguin data, over 180 are techs and dispatchers working for Time Warner. The major things I can't remember or imagine how we did it without PenguinData are-

Fleet - From tracking where fleet trucks are assigned to whom has what company owned wrench, the Assets/Fleet module has us covered. Easy sign off sheets that give a $ amount to each tool assigned make for easy reconciliations and deductions are a check of a box. From tech tools to truck tools I know what every warehouse has on hand with easy reports and back tracking tools that locate any serialized item. The fleet side tracks who has what vehicle, what's on it, and the mileage used since it was assigned.

Escalations/Damages - Automatic emails are generated and sent to selected supervisors and tracked when any work order escalations are entered. This also includes automatic emails alerting leads and sups of any time a tech closes out a job with a not-done code.

Alert System - Each category of Penguin Data has an alert page that lets us know everything from who's birthday it is, which techs have had equipment more than a set amount days, who needs background and drug screens, etc.. We use this to create weekly report cards on our systems.

QC - Create and track qc routes. Prints individual jobs on qc spread sheets, each qc page gives us all of the job info including when, who and what billing codes were used on job. Very easy qc entry can be done mobile with pictures taken from smart phones automatically uploading to the job. Our Qc techs enter over 30 jobs per day w/ pics for instant viewing by leads and sups. Tracking program lets us easily look at tech's qc history.

Warehouse - I could write a book about how easy Penguin data makes entering, tracking, and reconciling our warehouses. Techs can use penguin mobile to assign equipment, track customer returns, etc... Penguin can generate bar codes to track materials as easily as it does CPE. The warehouse and dispatch portions alone makes Penguin worth it's weight in gold. Very user friendly.

Dispatch - Another book on all the great things. We have one dispatcher that is assigned to Corpus Christi techs and we run 20 trucks. After entering the work orders, techs use the mobile close to add all job codes and equipment. Dispatchers watch Virtual Whiteboard which tracks where trucks are in the route, eta's, on site, late, etc... When a technician uses the mobile close it instantly flashes for the dispatcher to go in and spot check billing and either verify or hard close without tech having any phone time.

Workforce - Workforce makes remote payroll a breeze. With TWC it's so important that we track daily point productions and make sure we get paid for them. The invoice reconciliation makes spotting discrepancies down to the tech very easy to find, validate and resubmit for payment. As techs close out jobs it automatically gives me the data I need to watch techs points per hour, day , week etc..

In summary, PenguinData is an awesome product that I highly recommend. It will be the best single investment that you will ever make in your business. I say investment because it is not an expense but rather an investment that will easily pay you a dividend in excess of $3,000 per year per tech!"
~ Justin Hawkins Director of Operations, BTS - 5/12/2011

"Since our consideration and implementation of PenguinData nearly a year ago we have found their staff to be first rate in their support of all of our needs both onsite as well as online. The cost-to-benefit is very reasonable and easily justified by the improvement to our productivity."
~ Douglas J. Huston, ATX Services Inc.

"Any business owner seeking to manage their operation with a tool to control most aspects of their operational business should use PenguinData. I am finally able to watch over the operation now from anywhere and ensure all the tasks I want done are getting done. That gives me a confidence I haven't had."
~ Lance A. Briley, Omni Direct Communications