At PenguinData Workforce Management, our consulting teams bring deep experience in the areas of business strategy, revenue growth, operations, finance and innovation. We help companies like yours develop more efficient and effective operations to help you identify opportunities to improve cash flow and profitability.

Consulting services Let our experienced team of professionals show you how you can leverage technology to:
  • Increase value to your customers, shareowners, and employees
  • Balance excellence in all aspects of cash flow — revenue, operating costs and investment
  • Develop an ability to "self-heal" by continuously improving structural problems both internal and external to your business
  • Putting organizational DNA in place to rapidly make decisions to meet market conditions

Many organizations are operating multiple legacy systems while facing major implementation upgrades or consolidations of their ERP systems. Others are investigating such initiatives as service-oriented architecture, business intelligence or finance transformation. They may want to improve system performance, create better alignment with business processes or reduce operating costs. Moreover, they may be looking to reduce compliance costs or automate controls and monitoring.

When designed and employed thoughtfully, technology can help you scale your workforce while still achieving consistency, improving productivity and operational performance, and tightly managing risk and compliance.

PenguinData Workforce Management can show you how to capture technology’s potential to not merely support, but also to transform your business through:
  • Industry-Based Technology Systems Implementation
  • Architecture and Integration
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Portfolio Program and Project Management
  • Quality Assurance and Testing