Formed in 2006 by professionals from the technical communications service, accounting and technology industries, PenguinData strives to increase our clients' productivity and profitability, so you can better protect your business.

We do that by offering our clients the most revolutionary, innovative and user-friendly software designed to provide a central, integrated system for managing their operations. When you subscribe to our services, you get more than just software. You become a member of the PenguinData rookery (or PenguinData family). Our PenguinData employees are all committed to the following our Code of Ethics.

  • We see every day as a new beginning: A new set of challenges, a chance to reinvent ourselves.
  • We have integrity as our primary objective: We will accomplish our corporate goals by helping others achieve theirs, thereby helping ourselves.
  • We are not perfect, we will make mistakes: It is how we deal with these mistakes that will set us apart. We will never knowingly mislead our clients or hide our errors; we will learn from them and grow.
  • We will always strive to be the best: To continuously improve our clients' ability to efficiently manage the lifecycle of data, information and knowledge that they require to be their best.
  • We will never stop growing or evolving: We promise to keep our clients' interests at the core of every decision we make, so that they are kept ahead of the ever-changing business curve.
  • We will constantly learn: Every experience we have will make us wiser and better at what we do.
  • We will change, adapt and live only in the present and in the future: We are nourished by thinking about what can be done.
  • We will listen; we will invent; we will simplify: Our clients can make us better if we let them.
  • We will make all decisions for the good of the entire rookery: We will not compromise the many for the few, but will always bring a solution to the few, as we do for the many.
  • We will stand together as a community: There will always be a sense of urgency toward all rookery issues, no matter how big or small they are.
  • We will be honest with our clients: We cannot succeed without their trust.
  • We will safeguard our clients' private information: Assuring the privacy of all our clients' confidential data is a sacred trust that we cherish. Great steps have been taken to protect this trust.

As we pledge to never waver from our Code of Ethics, and to always put the rookery first, we expect all PenguinData employees, current and future, to uphold our Code of Ethics and give it the utmost respect in every aspect of their job performance.