PenguinData Workforce Management announces release of new Android Store-Forward App for all clients

PenguinData is proud to announce the release of its first Store-Forward Application for Android devices designed for mobile work order entry. This APP is the culmination of many months of complex software development. The APP is FREE to all current PenguinData clients and is available for download at: The APP is designed to allow all mobile technicians to continue to access their work orders while not in a current service area, store all data entered and then have that stored data automatically uploaded when the smart device is back in a connected service area.

When Using the PenguinData Store-Forward App:

  1. Mobile Technicians continue to access work orders, even when not in a current service area.
  2. Mobile Technicians can enter data to be securely stored.
  3. Stored data automatically uploads when the smart device is back in a connected service
  4. area.

PenguinData will be releasing the Apple iOS version of this Store-Forward Application early next year.

PenguinData strongly encourages all clients to have every technician download this APP and use it on a daily basis. The feedback from all of our beta testing has revealed that the APP is significantly faster than the current web services side for mobile work order entry.

The APP also has a great option: It can track all of the mobile devices’ GPS locations, and have those locations routed back to Dispatch on the Virtual White Board. A key part of this option is the ability to view all historical data of a technicians recorded location on any given day. For those PenguinData accounts that are currently utilizing a GPS service through their company vehicles, rest assured that no double billing would occur if you wanted to add this option to those people not currently tracked through your vehicle GPS service. There is an $8.00 monthly fee to activate this optional feature for all PenguinData accounts that are interested in a low-cost GPS service, and activating this option is extremely easy. Contact Craig Frappier at PenguinData to discuss activating this option: or call cell: 214-218-3132, direct office: 612-547-2218.

Please see all the necessary technical information for all supported devices and specifications.